mon meilleur ami | Comedy Movie

“Mon meilleur ami” (My best Friend) is an italian comedy released on December 6th 2006. The theme of the movie is “It often takes a whole lifetime to learn the meaning of friendship, the main character in the movie Francois had only 10 days.”

The main charcter in the movie is François who is a older middle-aged antique dealer. Francois lives in a very stylish and modern apartment, and in general has a very good life. Until one day he has dinner with some of his best friends, where he discovers none of his friends actually like him. He doesn’t know it but he is harsh, self-centered and often arrogant, his friends don’t think he knows what friendship is really about.

One day, Catherine, Francois’ business partner proposed a wager, if he shows her who his best friend is she will give him a beautiful Greek vase he required earlier with company’s money. If he fails, Catherine will keep the vase. Francois accepted the bet, he then searched through his address book trying to find a person who would qualify as his “best friend”. He kept moving through Paris, he encounters Bruno a well spoken, big hearted, trivia-spouting cab driver. Bruno likes to chat, he is very much a “people’s person”, a very friendly guy. And so Francois tries to convince Bruno to teach him how to make new friends. Bruno tell him it’s all about learning “three S’s” – it’s all about being sociable, smiling and sincere. Some of these don’t come easy to some people though. Whether Francois wins will depend if Bruno is willing to play along, but is it worth to try cheating it?


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